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Balloon Gas Cylinders


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  • Nationwide Delivery available [Monday – Friday]
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  • Deposit are required on hire of cylinders and Filling Kits
  • Fully refundable when all cylinders & kits are returned
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Balloon Gas

Bobofunnco supplies an extensive range of balloon gas cylinders to cater for all events, from large promotional events to small parties at home.

Balloon gas helium is non-flammable, non-poisonous gas which is lighter than air. Balloon gas can be used safely either indoors or outside and can be used to inflate balloons.

There are four standard balloon gas cylinder sizes from small to extra large, As follows:

Small – ” V ” , Medium – ” T “, Large – ” E33″ , XLarge – ” L’”

  • The E33 cylinder is a high pressure 300 bar cylinder with 8.56m3 of balloon gas. It is our largest capacity high pressure balloon cylinder. It includes a convenient pressure gauge to show the contents and works with existing standard balloon kits.

All  cylinders come with a standard filling kit to ensure that you can regulate the gas flow to a usable level.

To work out the size of cylinder you require:

  • What size and type of balloons do you want to use?

  • How many balloons do you want to inflate?

  • Using the cylinders specifications and inflation guide, you can determine the size and number of cylinders you will need.

Note: The charts below show the approximate number of balloons filled. Numbers will vary according to balloon manufacturer and shape.

Genie Cylinders

Balloon gas cylinders

Genie Specifications
Genie Inflation Guide
Cylinder Specification
Cylinders Inflation Guide

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We understand that buying Balloon gas cylinders may be confusing and not fully knowing the size of balloons can determine what balloon gas cylinder may be required.

As we have over 20 years of experience and knowledge , we are confident and able to guide you to the correct size balloon gas  cylinders for your events.

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