Confetti Cannons Silver Colour Paper – 50cm

Silver Colour Paper Confetti Cannon

Celebrate a special moment with a bang and shower of fun using these Handheld Confetti Cannon. A simple twist of the cannon,releasing a huge shower of  silver colour  tissue  paper confetti.Ideal for birthday parties,surprise parties,Christmas or New Years Eve Celebrations. 

  • Handheld confetti cannon
  • Measures 50cm / 20″  long
  • Releases silver colour paper confetti
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor
  • Delivery only to UK Mainland only.


Confetti Cannons Silver Paper Confetti – 50cm

  • Measures 50cm / 20 ” long
  • Releases silver paper confetti
  • Handheld are fired by a firm twist of the cannon which launches the confetti 
  • Suitable for Indoors & Outdoors.
  • Delivery only to UK Mainland only.
  • Warning: The cannons uses a compressed air cartridge which produces a loud noise,do hold close to your ears when operating.

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